I have been sports “investing” for over 20 years. I ran a professional handicapping service for over 10 years with a group of very highly-skilled cappers, each of us with our own specialties in various sports (NBA, WNBA, NFL, CFB, CBB, and of course Soccer). I have tracked the records of the so-called “best handicappers” in the business that you see advertised on sites like Covers. And during my long career, I have seen it all and determined that none of them win big long-term (except one, and I’ll explain later).

It doesn’t matter which sports betting system you try – traditional system like Martingale, Kelly Criterion, Stoffo, Labouchere, Reverse Line Movement, Regression Analysis, Fading the Public, and even the more recent and most advanced statistical/mathematical based systems using Sabermetrics and algorithms – will not produce the types of profits you’re looking for. Why? 2 reasons – paying the juice (vig) to the books, and because we’re dealing with people playing a game who we don’t know how they will perform on any given day or at any given time. Anything can happen once the game starts, and most times it does.

And that brings us to the Holy Grail of sports “investing” – Live Betting. Let the game develop, see what the teams and players are doing, analyze all of the other factors that fit into the system I use, and take advantage of the incredible odds that are now available. It is without a doubt the ONLY way to make amazing profits long-term. The average odds for my live bets on soccer totals are an astounding +200!

If you want to learn and eventually do it on your own, become a Premium Member and join me in my Live Betting Room. I’ll give you all the tools as you gain experience analyzing and watching games. But you have to be committed to it 100% and have the same passion I do.

Feel free to email me with any questions at ac@sportsinvesting.com.