What Sportbook should I use?

If you live in the states and are not able to bet at a local sportsbook, you have limited options. You need more than one sportsbook, that’s a must.

The best offshore sportsbooks for USA-based players are Bovada, BookMaker, 5Dimes and Heritage Sports. I use BookMaker and Bovada exclusively for my live (in-game) betting. For those outside the states, you have many more options, just make sure it’s a reputable, highly-rated book (you can check out their ratings at www.sportsbookreview.com).

You can find links to promotions for the books I recommend here:


How much should I bet?

Money Management and discipline are THE keys to a successful sports investor.

My recommended bet size is 1-1.5% of your total bankroll. So if your bankroll is $10,000, each bet should be $100-$150 max. Beware of any handicapper (scamdicapper) who tells you to “BET IT ALL” or this is a “SUITCASE PLAY” or “100 UNIT BOMB”. It’s all bullsh*t and you’ll probably end up on Skid Row, under a bridge, or on a street corner with a cardboard sign.