What is the difference between Sports “Investing” and Gambling? Both revolve around betting, but there is a fundamental distinction that determines whether you make money or lose money.

My Sports “Investing” approach is very similar to that of a stock daytrader. Each day I start off with a list of games that I’m interested in for a possible play. Before the game starts, I review multiple factors including but not limited to the most recent performances of each team, the lineups, the weather (if outdoors), etc. Once the game starts, I look for “set-ups” (stock daytraders will be familiar with this term) using my own Technical Analysis methods. A critical component of this investing approach is strict Money and Risk Management. Without the proper discipline, you will fail, period.

Gambling is being an “Action Junkie.” Gambling is being a “homer”. Gambling is chasing losses. Gambling is betting on a team because they “should win.” I could go on and on with examples of what losing sports gamblers/bettors do.

Sports “Investing” is not gambling.